Mens Steampunk Clothing

mens steampunk clothing often features Victorian and pirate influences as well as technology viewed through a 19th century lens. A well rounded steampunk outfit isn’t complete without the right accessories and accoutrements.

A top hat is a staple for any steampunk gentleman, be it adorned with gears or cogs. Also a must have are goggles for the hands-on scientist, tinkerer or aeronaut.

Military Apparel

Men’s steampunk outfits often include military-inspired garments like buckled jackets, replica firearms and flight goggles. They also often include leather suspenders to replace modern belts and add a masculine and post-apocalyptic look.

Gothic military style combines the sophistication of military fashion with the dark aesthetic of the gothic subculture to create a look that resonates with those who are seeking to make a powerful fashion statement. Men’s steampunk jackets can help to elevate your appearance and add a touch of eerie flair to your look with brass accents, cog-inspired embellishments and unique textures.

This gothic steampunk brown/black floral design waistcoat set includes a matching self tie cravat, a brass barbwire skull tie pin and a working police copper distressed whistle. This is a perfect costume for Steampunk cosplay, themed events or parties.

Top Hats

Top hats are one of the most iconic pieces of mens steampunk clothing. They are designed to evoke a sense of history and refinement, while showcasing your unique creativity and imagination.

You can find a variety of different mens steampunk hats in our collection. Some styles are crafted with cotton, while others are made with wool or silk. You can also find top hats in various colours. Those with a fur melusine are heavier and are usually worn for funerals or formal town events.

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Complete your look with a pair of steampunk pants. Striped classic pantaloons are great for a fancy aristocrat, while those with a fall front or canvas can be used to portray a hands-on scientist or inventor. Add a pair of leather suspenders to your outfit for a finishing touch.

Coats & Jackets

Mens steampunk clothing typically evokes the look of Victorian era fashion with a modern twist. The dandy-inspired look is popular for cosplay wear. Most steampunk costumes feature a fitted brocade vest or waistcoat, men’s top hat and long straight coat.

Trousers are another staple. They can be striped or solid, but earth tones and bold stripes are common choices. A fancy aristocrat might prefer pantaloons with fall fronts, while hands-on Scientist or Mechanic might choose canvas trousers. Leather suspenders are a must-have for men in this style.

Discover limitless steampunk style options for men, starting from individual clothing pieces and exclusive jewelry to full costume sets at RebelsMarket. Explore a unique blend of old-world history, science fiction excitement and fantasy enchantment for a captivating look that defines your imagination.

Vests & Waistcoats

Steampunk gentlemanhood provides a rich canvas for imaginative creativity. Costume enthusiasts can dress as an aviator or air pirate, a Victorian Lord, or even a soot-stained mad scientist.

A vintage vest or waistcoat is a key component to any steampunk look. The Victorians wore these close-fitting undergarments under their shirt and coat, and they can be worn today in a similar fashion.

A 4 pocket cotton or canvas waistcoat works well for a hands-on tinkerer, mad scientist or aeronaut. For a more formal dandy, a black silk waistcoat is the way to go.

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Mens steampunk fashion combines the neo-victorian aesthetic with modern variations of Victorian-era attire. The result is a unique look that fits well into a variety of costume themes. Air pirates, aristocratic adventurers and inveterate tinkerers can all wear this style.

Trousers are a key accessory for steampunk clothing. Striped classic pantaloons or trousers with fall fronts add a unique touch to the fancy aristocrat look while hands-on scientists, inventors and tinkers prefer to wear pants that are black, earth tones or bold stripes.

A man’s outfit isn’t complete without a proper pair of shoes. Boots are a popular choice for men in this genre as they add to the cowboy/great western theme or can be worn for an air pirate outfit. For a more casual look, sneakers are also available in a steampunk style.