5 Carat Diamond Ring Price

Whether it is the tiny glow of a 0.25ct diamond or the magnificent appearance of a 5.00CT diamond, a wealth of fire, brilliance, and scintillation demands ideal dimensions and part detail to deliver the unique light performance that makes diamonds so distinctive. A perfectly divided stone is a thing of rare beauty.

People working in the diamond industry may only come across a few excellent 5 carat diamond ring price every few years, as five carats are significant in weight. A specific set of rules must be followed to maximize the fire and brilliance of such magnificent diamonds. 

A diamond’s cost varies by carat weight, and as you go up the weight categories, the price climbs exponentially. The first step is to set an acceptable budget. This guide will cover the finer points of selecting a 5-carat diamond and provide reasonable pricing expectations. Making a mistake here might be expensive, but the results are just excellent if you do it correctly. If you want to learn about the 5 Carat Diamond Ring Price, stay with us and keep reading!

Pricing Of 5 Carat Lab Diamond

As stated before, lab growers are becoming increasingly proficient, allowing them to increase the size and quality of their diamonds simultaneously. There are two processes used to make lab diamonds: CVD and HPHT. These processes differ in a few ways. Because no two lab-created diamonds are the same, the market has a wide range of pricing.

There are lab diamonds with problems on the market, and such diamonds are usually devalued since they contain a few factors that are not disclosed by a lab report alone. Online price comparison is doable, but before you do, ensure you know a few particular points to look out for when purchasing a huge lab diamond.

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How To Choose A 5 Carat Diamond Using The 4C’s

A diamond is less forgiving with each additional carat weight it has. Since there is some leeway regarding grades and individual preference matters, we strongly advise our clients to become acquainted with the 4Cs found on our educational sites. However, This variety has limitations if you’re searching for a beautiful diamond.


A five-carat diamond with a clarity grade of VS2 will ensure an eye-clean appearance. With our 360-degree video and high-resolution photos, you can view your diamond up close and judge its clarity.


A color grade of H or better is suitable for a five-carat diamond. G falls on the high end of the “near-colorless” range for people sensitive to color, giving off an intense white shimmer.


The primary characteristic of a diamond is its cut, not its carat weight. The shape of a diamond determines how much show it has. Not everyone’s cut has been generated equally—improper diamond cutting results in a dull, flat, and lifeless diamond. A five-carat diamond needs an impeccable cut; ignoring this vital detail will provide a lifeless, drab stone. The cut of a diamond is the factor that most affects its beauty and value; therefore, you should factor that into your budget.

Price Expectations

Tens of thousands or even hundreds of millions of dollars more can be used for a 5-carat diamond than on a lower-quality diamond of the same weight.


A circular brilliant-cut diamond has a dimension of 11.0 mm, and a five-carat stone weighs 1.0 grams. Diamond pricing: for five-carat stones, the price per carat ranges from $9,350 to $147,400. Diamonds are sufficient in size to be shaped into heart-shaped diamonds starting at five carats and up. The more substantial the stone, the more beautiful the Heart will appear because of its unique shape. However, this is a lovely stone with a brilliance ideal for these special events, regardless of the shape you want.

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Enjoy quality at the most affordable price by purchasing in bulk. The industry uses the cost per carat list to ascertain the diamonds’ current market pricing. Multiply the value of your five-carat diamond by the carat per to calculate its average wholesale price. A five-carat diamond with GIA certification will cost, at wholesale, around $46,750 and $737,000.