Top 8 Workforce Management Tools You Should Know About

Managing a workforce is no easy feat. Consistent paperwork, juggling schedules, and optimising workflows are all tasks that even the most seasoned managers struggle to handle. With remote working being the new normal, more and more companies are in constant search of the best workforce management software tools and systems to help them manage and get the best out of their teams.

Workforce management systems are designed to help businesses manage their employees by tracking their work hours, and schedules and managing other essential information. Many of these tools also offer help in other related workforce management areas. However, amidst so many options, how do you select the best? Here is a cumulative list that can help you out.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing A Workforce Management Software

Before moving into the list of the best workforce management tools, here are some factors you must keep in mind before purchasing one:

Remote Management

Any workforce management software tool that you select must have advanced features such as remote access, reporting, and task assignment.

Reporting And Analytics

All the workforce management software tools must be able to analyse trends, track employee performance, and assess data patterns to offer proper feedback on improving operations.

User-friendly Features

You need to streamline all your processes related to managing staff and these tools allow you to do just that. You can use them for scheduling meetings and events, emailing and tracking project progress.


To reduce the time spent on manual tasks and making sure that nothing slips through the cracks, you need to use these tools. You can automate the processes to save time and effort.

8 Best Workforce Management Software Tools

If you are willing to find the best workforce management system, this is not such an exhaustive list. However, it is a selection of some of the best.

1. ProHance

This is an operation enablement and workplace analytics platform that brings about a transformational change in the business process of your hybrid workplace. It allows you to keep your teams connected, engaged, visible, optimised, and be future-ready. The application has an auto-capture facility that allows you to track how much time is spent by your employees across the enterprise allowing you to create an objective and robust measurement system.

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It also offers deep insights into how human capital engages and lays and strengthens the foundation to increase transparency, optimise efficiency and drive collaboration. ProHance enables organisations to achieve all their operational goals by being more agile. Leaders can gain analytics and data through which they can manage distributed teams effectively. They can do all this ensuring key metrics are met.

2. ClickUp

A project management tool, ClickUp is designed specifically to help businesses manage their workforce. The tool can practically do anything you want it to with its specialised tools for project management, tasks, data analytics and time tracking.

You can see exactly how overburdened a team member is with their workload view feature. You can also view projects and tasks to avoid bottlenecks and prepare for the future. If you want to see top-level performance metrics, you can create a personalised dashboard and allocate workforce accordingly.

3. is a comprehensive project management platform that provides you with all the necessary tools required to work efficiently and keeps your track. It has an in-built project management software that focuses on flexibility and collaboration. With its dashboard view, you can see who is working on what tasks at the given moment.

It also has visual project boards and drag-and-drop functionality that makes it easy for team members to see what they need to do, who to talk to and where they need to be. The special docs feature allows teams to collaborate in real time projects and host brainstorming sessions.

4. Bamboo HR

This is a human resource software that can be extremely essential in helping organisations manage their workforce. Even though it’s mostly centred around HR issues like onboarding, hiring and training features, it can also be useful in other areas of managing your workforce.

This application has a centralised employee database that allows you to instantly create HR analytics reports to help you better understand your team and how they are performing. You can also conduct anonymous surveys to understand how your employees are feeling about your company. However, you can’t use this program to plan projects or optimise workflows.

5. Aladtec

Aladtec software offers preconfigured templates for scheduling allowing employees to swap or give away their shifts to someone else. It allows automation and easy access for both mobile and web platforms. As a member you can use their database to get unlimited online forms and custom fields.

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The application also offers communication for better collaboration among personnel who work in a team. Apart from secure integration, you get integration with popular data display ad recording options for increased automation and better data sharing.

6. Aspect Workforce Management

This is an attractive too available for supervisors and agents who work remotely or on-site. It enables businesses to scale-up demand so that they can only pay for the resources they need. The application comes with an accurate scheduling and forecasting that is patented with simulation modelling.

You also get easy-to-use web based GUI and it can help you predict unlimited unfortunate scenarios. Employees can access the self-service portal so that there is flexibility and fewer burdens. Furthermore, the proactive notifications allow users to respond via email.

7. Boomr

Boomr has won multiple awards due to its easy-to-use, seamlessness and third party integration features. It serves as a useful time tracker for businesses of all sizes. The application is GPS enabled for real-time tracking.

You can access built-in communication tools to keep your teams connected. HRs can access one-click employee onboarding to save the hassle of manually entering all the details. If you want to stay organised and accurately track employee time for generating payroll, this app does it all for you.

8. Calabrio ONE

The renowned workforce optimization solution, Calabrio ONE offers managers a way to improve customer service centre products. It has advanced an analysis feature that delivers the right kind of insights to tie customer experience to profitability. Thus, it makes it a keen tool to reduce operational costs and improve communications.  As an organisation you can customise solutions and foster employee scheduling.

The application comes with an advanced analytics feature that can identify opportunities and anticipate customer pain. The feature rich dashboards offer agent feedback. There are also pre-built templates to customise reports and eliminate data silos and you can automate workflows for managing evaluations. Know more about Change the Way you Approach Workforce Analytics

Wrapping Up

Finding the right workforce management software for your business can be a tiring and daunting task. Moreover, with a plethora of options you might need to involve time in researching and comparing all the different options. To make your tasks easier we mentioned the factors you should consider before buying one and also helped you out with a list of tools to choose from. Pick the right fit that aligns with your goals and objectives.